Rasserman Technologies Sdn Bhd is in the business, consultancy and R & D ventures for advanced technologies and sustainable business of renewable energy.
   One of the core businesses of Rasserman Technologies is in the renewable energy ventures and investment which include technology investment, R & D ventures and consultancy. The company involves in renewable energy ventures such as the conversion of biomass to bioethanol, wind and wave technology, solar power using concentrated parabolic beams technology and fuel cell technology at a competitive cost. Since inception, the company has anticipated of becoming global leader and players in renewable energy industry and ventures. The company has global presence in Europe, USA and South East Asia with branches in Cambridge, UK and Malaysia. We will expand our business presence to US, China, Japan and Korea in due course either through partnerships or physical presence.

   Currently, the product and services offer by Rasserman Technologies are bioethanol and by products from the conversion of biomass. The company R & D team has come out with an unique method of converting biomass to bioethanol through the company proprietary technologies among others are steam blast technology, proprietary enzymes mixtures and processing technology. The company has filed patents for all these technologies and processes. The company has in excess of 50 intellectual properties (IPs).

   Currently, we are in the process of listing Rasserman Technologies in the local and foreign stock exhanges such as LSE or NYSE. We are waiting for a favourable market condition before proceed with the listing exercise.
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